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*yells generic anime protagonist things*
"PSI Rockin's Japanese name is PK Kiai. The most possible reason why it was changed to Rockin, is because kiai, or "unification of will" is basically when you scream at someone while fighting with them; or your battle cry. Of course, with kiai being a Japanese term and the majority of Americans not knowing what kiai is in the first place, they had to go with something else. They translated it as Rockin because rock singers often scream during the song." -- Earthbound Wiki

So, in the original Japanese versions of the mother games, Ness is doing...*that.* Meanwhile Lucas' favorite thing is literally just the english word "LOVE" in all caps.

My world has been different ever since.


some boring person
United States
This website is super retarded. Freaking Facebook was more intuitive than this junk.

Oh yea. I draw things. And I like ms paint. You can find my ~animated collages~ at blingee under this exact same username, but why would you want to? Seriously.

...unless you like sparkly collages of zombie composers and werewolf countries and evil Zac Efrons.


Right now is working on weimar germany paper. I joined a forum. There's a lul in news for all my fandoms.

Revereche is a pretty cool gal. Her gallery is awesome, if rather sparse. You should check it out. She also subbed some classy children's anime and put it on youtube, but it is gone now. :'(

Bogleech also draws cool stuff, and his gallery is much fullerer. He is also knowledgable about the pokemons, and the kaijus.


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Hey bro, I doubt you remember, but a while back we talked a bit about Homestuck on one of ~chibimaker's journals, and I just wanna say thank you for getting it in my mind that HS isn't just about the trolls. After a while I went back and tried to read it again, and I'm in love with it. And the humans are AWESOME. I'm still a bit more interested in the trolls because of how unique they are of course, but I'm more than content with the humans, because they're fun too.

Sorry if that's really random, but I just wanted to let you know and thank you. (:
whatpipeswhy Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
Hey, and thanks! Or would it be you're welcome? :P

Wanna chat about the homestucks sometime? :D This new act has some craaaaaaazy stuff in it... *^_^*
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Happy Birthday!,
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